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Paloma takes customers from comment to purchase – so you can ditch manual invoicing, and get paid faster.

Save hours
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Claims are instantly added to carts, so customers can claim as much as they want, and pay as soon as they’re finished shopping.

Payments are powered by Stripe, offering fast and secure checkouts with all major credit cards accepted.

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Confident claiming

Paloma’s claim feed shows you the real winners, while customers get instantly notified.

No more tracking (or losing track of!) comments – plus, catch more blocked claims then ever before.

Pain-free fulfillment

Edit carts, send payment reminders, manage open boxes, and sync orders with Shippo for affordable labels and automated tracking updates.

Download order data anytime, and rest easy with auto-filed tax forms.

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Pay-as-you-go, with fees only when you make a sale.

✅ Inventory management

✅ Secure checkouts

✅ Social ordering

✅ Buy now links

✅ Customer support

❌ Removed Paloma branding

Credit card processing: 2.9% + $0.30

Transaction fee: 2%



Lower order fees and a flat monthly rate.

✅ Inventory management

✅ Secure checkouts

✅ Social ordering

✅ Buy now links

✅ Customer support

✅ Removed Paloma branding

Credit card processing: 2.9% + $0.30

Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay processing: 6% + $0.30

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Frequently asked questions

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Paloma can automate claim sales on Instagram Live, Story, Feed Posts, and DMs. Claim sales can be done with fixed prices, or auction bidding.

For fixed price claims, customers can claim items by commenting "CLAIM" and the item's claim code, for example "CLAIM AB20".

For auction claims, customers can bid on an item by commenting "BID" and the amount they want to bid. Bids are accepted if they are $1 higher than the previous bid, and when the auction ends, the highest bid will win.

Paloma gets the comments and messages on your page from Instagram in realtime, down to the nanosecond. If a customer makes a claim request, and the item has quantity available when it comes in, they’ll win the claim. If a customer makes a bid request, and it's at least $1 higher than the previous bid request, the bid will be accepted.

Paloma’s app includes a real-time Claim Feed where you can monitor the claim winners as they come in. This is more accurate than the live comments. We recommend placing a device like a laptop or tablet near your sales table so you can monitor the feed while you run your live, and announce the winners.

To prevent unapproved putbacks, customers don’t have the option to remove Claim* items from their carts – only sellers are able to remove Claim items from a customer’s cart in Paloma.

*Claim items are items in Paloma that are claimed by commenting with the item's keyword. The other item type in Paloma is a Shop item, which customers can browse by commenting with the item's keyword, and add or remove from their cart anytime.

Yes! Customers can be blocked from claiming by adding their handles to the Block list in your Paloma Settings. Blocked customers can comment on your Lives and DM your page, but they won’t win any claims.

No, you do not need a website, Instagram Shop, or any other commerce platform to use Paloma. Paloma is it’s own ecommerce platform, but instead of working through a website, it provides the entire shopping experience in Instagram. You still get all the inventory, cart and order management to run your business.

Paloma partners with Stripe to take payments, including: All major credit cards, Apple pay, and payment plans including Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna*

*Send us a note at to request payment plans for your shop.

If you collect taxes for your business, you can set the states you’d like to collect taxes in in your Paloma Settings. Paloma will apply the applicable state and local tax rate based on the customer’s zip code, with tax rates provided by TaxJar.

Shipping in Paloma can be done in a few ways:

Pick the methods right for you, or mix and match!

We’d love to have you! When you sign up for Paloma you’ll be walked through:

That’s it! You’ll be ready to start selling in minutes.

To run a sale with Paloma you’ll need to upload the inventory. Our quick upload forms require only a Title, Price, Quantity and Keyword. To help speed up the process, items can be duplicated, and keywords can be generated automatically (using two letters from the title and the price to make a unique code).

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Yes! Any Shop items in Paloma are displayed alongside the customer's cart when they say "Checkout", so you can surface more inventory and increase your order values.

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