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June 2024 promotion: More referrals, more rewards

Referrals that sign up for Paloma in the month of June are eligible for Bonus commission with the June 2024 "More referrals, more rewards" promotion. These bonus payouts are in addition to, and separate from, the standard Referral program commission, outlined further in this page, and detailed in the Referral Program Terms & Conditions.

Bonuses will be calculated based on number of eligible referrals made in June:

To qualify for Bonus commission, referred shops must:

Eligible bonus commissions will be processed on August 5th, 2024. Only one (1) bonus payment will be made per Referrer.

Read the full Referral Program Terms & Conditions.

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Referral program details

A shop is considered launched when they have completed Paloma's onboarding, including:

A referred shop must navigate to Paloma's signup page through your unique referral link to count as a referral.

When you refer a shop and they complete those steps, your referral will be reviewed to confirm they are an active Instagram Live Seller. Once approved, it will be indicated as a "Conversion" in your Referral statistics, and a payout of $30 will sent via PayPal to the account associated with the email you used when signing up for Paloma's referral program.

The Paypal payment will come from "Paloma Works PBC" and should be received within 24 business hours of the conversion.

Read the full Referral Program Terms & Conditions.