We’re building a company where people of all kinds of backgrounds can be successful. It takes work to make that happen. These principles are a reminder of what we think about while we’re working with people to build tools for people to communicate with other people.

Optimizing for productivity, whether that’s in identifying problems and communicating directly, or taking care of ourselves to make working time more productive. Sleep is a good thing. 💤

Acting and communicating in kindness, remembering even in disagreement that the people around us are people and they are important. 👫

Understanding and being perceptive to the complexities of engrained, systemic power dynamics, and working actively to break them down not just for ourselves but for each other. ✊

Proactively supporting, collaborating, mentoring and generally finding success in each other’s success. 👑

Understanding that if someone is made to feel uncomfortable that is to be respected. We do not partake in harassment of team members, customers, customer's customers, or anyone for that matter, and we do not tolerate it even a little bit. 🙅

Vetting solutions to ensure our outcomes are aligned with our intent. We’ve only solved a problem for our customers if the customer feels like it was solved. This is hard to do! But it’s the responsibility we signed up for. 🙇

Taking initiative when there is opportunity to be helpful. 🙋

Messing up! We all do, and we work to identify what’s going on to keep learning and growing, because that’s what messing up is for. 😇


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